In November 2015 we launched our new Moving Up a Gear strategy

For Retail this strategy is an evolution from the previous Getting Into Gear strategy and comprises five pillars

Driving seat icon

Putting Customers in the Driving Seat


Investing in customer data and insight capabilities to maximise the lifetime customer value.


  • Improve our understanding of our customers.
  • Combine our pools of customer data into a single view.
  • Leverage customer data to gain insights and tailor offers.
  • Refresh brand positioning to create a more emotional connection.
  • Offer value for money across our range.

Progress to date

  • % of Retail sales matched to customers is now 15%.
  • Starting to use customer data – tailored email campaigns.
  • Developing a single view of customer.
  • New brand positioning launching in June.

Our DNA icon

Service in Our DNA


Halfords has been through a service revolution and now we need to embed it in how we do business. Our ability to offer great service is one of our key differentiators.


  • Maintain 3-Gears training programme and increase emphasis on service and selling skills.
  • Develop talent throughout the Group, including through our Aspire and Apprenticeship programmes.
  • Reward skills through enhanced pay.
  • Grow service-related sales.

Progress to date

  • Over 70% of colleagues qualified for Gear 2 and over 600 colleagues at Gear 3.
  • Continued improvement in key customer service metrics.
  • 500 basis points improvement in colleague turnover.
  • Recognised as 18th in the Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For awards
  • Received the "Discovering Potential Award" for our work at the Halford Academy at Onley prison.

Our Uniqueness 2016

Building on Our Uniqueness


Exclusive products, relevant innovation and unique partnerships and collaborations.


  • Maintain and develop a pipeline of relevant innovation.
  • Nurture and complement our partnerships and collaborations.
  • Develop exclusive products.
  • Grow our share of trade customers.

Progress to date

  • Wiggins range developed and launching online and in store in July 2016.
  • Orla Kiely range of leisure products now available in stores and online.
  • Exclusive in-car technology launched in stores.
  • Extended motorbike range.
  • 130% brighter bulbs and lifetime guarantee on batteries launched.
  • A new collaboration agreed with Olympic cyclist Laura Trott.

Shopping experience icon

Better Shopping Experience


A seamless customer experience, online as well as in store.


  • Continue to refresh our store design.
  • Continual improvement of our online and fulfilment propositions.
  • Launch a transactional website for Cycle Republic.
  • Continue to target growth in areas where we have relatively low market share.

Progress to date

  • 25 store refreshes in FY16.
  • Store of the Future concept progressing through the design phase.
  • Halfords website and fulfilment upgrades during H2 FY16.
  • Cycle Republic transactional website developed and on track to be launched in summer 2016.
  • Acquisition of Tredz and Wheelies.

Future infrastructure icon

Fit for Future Infrastructure


Moving from fixing the basics to improving efficiency and fulfillment.


  • Maintain short-term stability of our supply chain operations through peak periods and at the same time review and identify the long-term requirements.
  • Turn our IT investment focus from fixing the basics to developing value-adding colleague and customer-facing IT applications.
  • Continue our strategy of right-sizing, relocating and renegotiating leases upon expiry.

Progress to date

  • Current 3-day-a-week delivery to stores model is embedded and stable.
  • Long-term supply chain requirements review completed.
  • Good progress on IT application development.
  • 25 lease renegotiations, 2 relocations and 1 right-size of stores in FY16.


retail revenue (£m)


sales matched to customers


Colleagues Gear 2 qualified


growth in service related sales