Transforming people's lives

In some areas of Africa, a bike can be the only means of transport. Owning a bike enables people to travel to work or school, and carry goods or passengers, whilst small scale farmers and traders can reach customers further afield. The bikes can similarly be an invaluable resource for travelling health workers and provide access to training and employment, helping to improve lives in a sustainable way. However, bikes can be too expensive for the majority in Africa. Additionally, the skills to maintain the bikes might not exist.

Our charity partner, Re~Cycle, helps to address this. Not only by getting bikes over to Africa but also by teaching local people how to repair and maintain the bikes, helping to improve lives in a sustainable way. We provide opportunities for customers to donate unwanted bikes via national trade-in events and also at over 75 stores on an ongoing basis.

Over 20,000 bikes have been donated so far, resulting in 300 tonnes of bikes being diverted from landfill /disuse and benefitting an estimated 120,000 beneficiaries in Africa (household research in Ghana shows that each bike is used by an average of six people). Halfords' colleagues have also raised over £295,000 to help support the charity's costs.

Transforming Peoples Lives 2016

A road to a brighter future

A full cycle mechanic training facility set up inside Onley Prison, trains prisoners to become professional cycle mechanics. Offenders work on children's bicycles that have been handed in at participating stores and these, along with new bike helmets, are then donated to schools in disadvantaged areas.

The programme offers the very best candidates an opportunity to become full-time Halfords colleagues, helping them to rebuild their lives following their sentences and providing Halfords with fully trained and committed colleagues. 15 have so far graduated and been offered jobs.

The programme has had a lot of high profile government interest culminating in a visit to the workshop by Prime Minister, David Cameron. Plans are underway to set up a second cycle workshop at Drake Hall's women's prison providing further opportunities for rehabilitation.

David Cameron Workshop 2016