At 3 April 201510.28.618.8
Charged during the period0.94.95.8
Utilised during the period(1.7)(4.8)(6.5)
Released during the period(0.7)(0.7)
At 1 April 20168.78.717.4
Analysed as:
Current liabilities6.62.99.5
Non-current liabilities2.15.87.9

Property related provisions consist of costs associated with vacant property, rent reviews and dilapidations. Also included are prior period non-recurring costs (note 5) relating to liabilities in respect of previous assignments of leases where the lessee has entered into administration subsequent to the period end.

Other trading provisions comprise a sales returns provision and a provision for the costs associated with the cessation of the standalone cycle concept 'BikeHut', including closure of stores where necessary, an employer/product liability provision and provision for unused gift vouchers in issue.